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Here’s your chance to sit back and relish every moment of your child’s “special day” in the comfort of your own home!




Welcome to Joy2CRAFTS website. After almost 6 years of helping children discover their inner flair, down at my studio, I’ve decided to venture in a new direction. With all my experience throughout my almost 20 years of teaching arts to children and adults, I’m now offering TWO flexible solutions

Children Birthday Parties, at home

Scouting artistic badges earned at meeting location.

My hands-on, multi-media approach encourages the independent exploration, with age appropriate art materials in a nurturing and inspiring context .

Experiment with a wide variety of materials and exciting techniques

and let the magic of your inner-creativity evolve!

My kids craft birthday parties provide all who attend an

opportunity to explore ART freely. Stations will be set-up for everyone to explore.

I encourage each child to find their own unique style and creative flair.